Photo Editing

Editing Images for your Website


Cleaned, retouched images make all the difference in conveying professionalism. Houts Graphics will edit your photos using the effects required to keep customers interested in your site. We can edit any photo to suit the purpose you have in mind. Whether used in a photo menu or slideshow, photos that have been retouched by professional photo editors are visually appealing and will engage customers. We are the Houston source for all of your photo editing needs, providing fast, quality service at reasonable prices.


Vintage Photo Editing

Do you have vintage photos that you would like retouched or edited? We can help! In fact, we have created photographs using many visually stunning effects and have restored many old photos. On the other hand, you may have newer photos that you would like to appear vintage. We can transform any image, turning a plain-looking photograph into a vintage-style image using our various editing techniques.


Stock Image Access

An integral part of a website’s appeal comes from photos that appropriately fit the text and theme. If you need quality images for your website, but do not currently have any, Houts Graphics will help you. We have access to thousands of stock photos from which to choose, and we will find fitting images of the highest quality for your site.

Contact us today for stunning images that will transform your site into one that will grab each customer’s attention and not let go.