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If they eyes are the window to one’s soul, then, most definitely, by seeing your company’s logo, your clients should be able to understand what your company is all about. Serious, or funny, traditional or modern, these logos should all have something in common. They should be expertly and professionally made, for they will represent your company wherever you go and beyond. Of course, it will start with you website, but then you also have business cards, stationery, promotional material, office space and more.

This is where family businesses, small enterprises and multinational giants all seem to agree: logos are to companies what first impression are to first daters. They are a long-term investment, and so if you are really set on making a good first impression to all your first viewers out there, you’ll have to struck up a harmony of elegance, beauty and originality. Don’t go for templates - generic images are spotted at a mile’s distance. They will also give you a zero chance of being memorable and recognized among other similar logos. Goodbye good branding, hello blandness.

Even though many companies nowadays choose to go with a cheap crowdsourcing option, which offers hundreds of results and almost no costs, to ensure that you get the best, possibly life-time companion, you should invest in some real, professional designers.

With Houts Web Design, every logo design is unique. As professional designers, we offer countless possibilities ranging from colors, images and typography to obeying such basic principles as: angular logos portray speed and cutting-edge technology, while rounded logos convey trust and reliability.

We will get to know you and your company to portray your character and mission in the stroke of digital design. Our knowledge and experience will help you channel your ideas better, resulting in the inspiring logo that your company needs.

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